How Online Bookkeeping Works

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1. Initial Consultation

When you call we will set up an initial consultation with you. This is free for you. We will understand your business, your industry and your processes. We will determine your bookkeeping needs and tailor a specific plan for you. Based on your requirements we will assign a trained bookkeeper to you. This is the person who will work on your books month after month.

2. Tailoring a Solution

At this stage, we will tailor a specific solution that meets your needs. We will also design a process that makes sense for you and make your life easier.

If you need, we will set up a chart of accounts for you. This requires creating and mapping a chart of accounts that is specific to your industry and your business.  This allows you and your accountant to easily recognize income, expense, assets and liabilities. Your transactions will be classified according  to the categories that have been set up in the chart of accounts.

3. Transfer of Information

You can send us your source documentation via a number of ways. We prefer electronic documentation. If you don’t have your documents in electronic format – don’t worry – in a lot of cases we can show you how to get them electronically.  Use our secure client portal – our Lockbox – for all confidential and sensitive information.

a) Email (not recommended for confidential and sensitive information – use our Lockbox instead)

b) Fax

c) Regular Mail: We will send you pre-paid envelopes and you simply mail it in.

d) Courier Pick Up

(Additional charges apply for mail and courier pick up service)

e) Upload directly to our bookkeeping client portal – we recommend this for all confidential documents.

4. Updating Your Books

Your bookkeeper updates your books via

a) Online software (eg. Quick books online)

b) Remote login to your computer (only if authorized)

c) Hosted software on our secure Servers

5. Your Reports

We will prepare customized reports for you that you can access anytime.

Visit or email us at for more information!

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